6 amazing benefits of moisturizing

6 amazing benefits of moisturizing

Moisturizing day and night just might seem like another step in your facial routine that can be a bit time consuming, but now it has gotten easier with our Blass Balm,stick form applicator that moisturizes and promotes even skin-tone. Daily moisturizing is essential to help keep your skin smoother and clearer, plus it prevents wrinkles in the future!

Here are 6 top reasons on why you should stay moisturized:

  1. Moisturizing reduces the chances of future skin problems.  Balance is everything in life, right? Same in skincare. Using the correct moisturizer for your skin is KEY. When your skin is too oily or too dry, common skin problems (such as acne and rashes) are likely to appear, so balance it out with a moisturizer. 
  1. Increase oil glands production. As we grow older, our skin’s natural oil glands begin to produce less. Using a moisturizer on your face and body can combat the decrease of the oil glands that also keeps us moisturized.
  1. Avoid early stages of wrinkles. Dry skin doesn’t necessarily lead to more wrinkles, but it can make them more visible when your skin isn’t properly hydrated and moisturized. Consistent moisturizing will keep the elasticity of your skin looking its best and youthful.  
  1. It is an ideal way to end a hot shower or bath. Taking a long hot bath or show is one of the most rejuvenating feeling ever, but over washing can also strip the moisture from your skin and lead to major dryness. Fight that dryness by taking a minute or two to fully moisturize your skin once you hop out, and your skin will thank you!
  1. Prevent major irritation! No one likes the feeling of being dry and the irritation it comes with. This is the #1 sign that your skin is dehydrated and needs to bring the moisture back to prevent flaky skin, moisturize day & night to stay hydrated as much as possible. 
  1. Protection. Moisturizing will protect your skin. A moisturizer acts as a barrier between your skin and the elements (moisturizer holds water for your skin). The layer of moisturizer will help protect the skin and improve tone, texture, and appearance.  

    The Takeaway

    Spend the dedicated time to moisturize and your skin will thank you! Our unique BLASS Balm is the perfect “go-to” for this task as it is great for all skin types. Containing all-natural ingredients such as Vitamin E, Jojoba Seed Oil, and Amino Acids, our Balm is ideal to moisturize and hydrate your skin morning and night! 


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