About Us

Blass Stick is the
First-of-its-kind dark spot treatment stick

with a chemical-free formula that safely reduces hyperpigmentation and scars from the most delicate areas.

This game-changing beauty product was developed by Michelle Pooch, who is passionate about helping people feel confident in their skin from head to toe—and in between.

The luxury of Blass Stick is its non-messy application process and its convenience to use in the privacy of your own home. With a safe anti-microbial formula, it can, and should, be applied daily.


BLASS strives to build a community

full of self-confident individuals who are comfortable in their own skin. 

We recognize the uniqueness of all skin and the importance of a product that caters to all skin types and skin tones. We respect all shades and types of skin with our goal being to enhance your natural skin tone.