How does our gut health affect your skin?

How does our gut health affect your skin?

Abdomen balance

The surprising connection to our skin and gut that we may not have not known about but can possible solve all of our skin problems. For decades, scientists has studied the relationship between our gut and how what we eat can affect our skin on the outside, especially our face. A thriving gut not only indicates a healthy body, but a strong mind and healthy skin, too! Learn more about the relationship between your gut and your skin that can help start your healthy skincare journey.

Why gut health matters

Your gut health plays an important role in your digestion, the food you eat can alter the type of bacteria that exist in your gut. Our gut microbiome is a collection of trillions of strains of bacteria and microbes responsible for maintaining homeostasis throughout our bodies, which can significantly impact our organs. Taking prebiotics and probiotics helps with the providing the much needed health benefits from the live microorganisms to restore your gut. 

Gut disorders and skin conditions

The gut-skin axis refers to relationship between the gut and our skin health. Bacteria in your gut microbiome interact with many systems within your body, and the body will experience stress-related responses when this system is compromised. The health of guy also have an influence on our brains, when the gut is irritated or inflamed it can trigger acne, anxiety and depression. If you are experiencing severe acne consider that it might be that your gut is unhealthy and needs a probiotic detox.  

Glow from the inside out

If you’re struggling with persistent skin challenges, pay attention to signs of bloating, congestion, and irritation on your face. Though it isn’t easy to connect skin issues to the gut, experiencing chronic rashes, redness, and dryness can be a sign of gut health issues. By looking at what you eat can minimize any gut irritation, also seeking a nutritionist to help diagnose which foods to be on a look out for that may trigger your gut as well.

Getting the proper vitamins such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C is major key to the gut-skin axis, with our Blass Balm is it filled with natural ingredients and vitamins to keep your complexion healthy as it absorbs into your skin benefiting your gut.  Keep your skin fresh and hydrated twice a day with our Blass Balm while maintaining a healthy balanced gut!

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