How often should you get a facial?

How often should you get a facial?

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When it comes to taking care of your skin, being consistent with your at-home self-care regimen is a critical part of maintaining a healthy and youthful complexion. Every now and then getting a facial can be another way to give your skin a highly effective treatments or basically a reset. Its also helps with removing stubborn bacteria on your outer skin layerbut you should always leave it to the professional esthetician to give you a deep cleanse.

Scheduling facial appointments

It is recommended to schedule a facial once a month, though there are a variety of factors to consider depending on your skin type on how much you should be seeing an esthetician. Your esthetician may recommend treatments based on your skin type, whether you have acne-prone skin, sensitivity to certain products, or your skincare goals.

Skin prep for a first-time facial

Before your professional facial appointment, be sure to remove all makeup and skip any steps in your skincare routine that involve the use of potent products that can react to any other products used by the esthetician. Avoid tanning and excess sun exposure to prevent future irritation, before and after your facial.

Benefits of getting facials regularly

Whether you want to target acne or wrinkles, getting a regular facial provides deep cleansing and exfoliation that revitalizes your skin, and it is great for a self-care. Facials improve blood circulation and open clogged pores to remove dead skin cells to create new glowing skin. There is different variety of facials, we suggest asking your esthetician which one is best for your skin.

Tips for maintaining results between appointments

We know how busy life can get for Blass Babes, which is why we’re committed to helping you level up your at-home skincare in-between scheduling your next facial appointment. When there’s no time to make it to your esthetician, maintain your glow with quality skincare products formulated to keep your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

In between appointments, focus on the following at home:

  • Retaining moisture enables your skin to continue repairing itself. In addition, keeping your skin hydrated helps fight off signs of aging.

  • Skin Protection, depending on the types of skin treatment you receive, you may be more sensitive to sun exposure. Never skip SPF!

  • To reach your skincare goals, staying consistent is key and a major part of maintaining results. Stick to a skincare regimen tailored to your morning and night routines.

Lock in moisture and fight off hyperpigmentation before your next facial with our Blass BalmImprove your skin’s natural texture and tone with safe, all-natural ingredients. Also, reach for your cleansing brush for a gentle, deeper penetration into pores for an effective face wash which helps with easily removing leftover makeup and dirt. Gives your skin an immediate boost by revealing your skins most natural, radiant glow with one facial at a time.

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